T9 & T10 Pro Thermsotats

Smart thermostats that are simple to install, and even simpler to use.

Photo of the T10 Pro thermostat and sensor.

Honeywell LCBS Connect

A responsive Web app that provides HVAC contractors 24 hour monitoring of equipment, tools to diagnose issues, and remote control and configuration.

Mockup of LCBS Connect across different devices.

SWIFT Mobile App

An easier way to install, maintain, and commission a SWIFT wireless fire system.

Mockup of the SWIFT mobile app on a phone.

Frequent flyers Board Game

A board game designed from the ground up for equal parts fun and competitiveness.

Frequent Flyers game being played.

Fire Brands Segmentation

This project collapsed four fire-safety brands into three, and positioned them into unique segments of the market

Logos of the Honeywell family of fire brands.